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Skilled and versatile 3D artist with professional experience working within 3D content creation pipelines in freelance and studio settings. In addition to experience and technical training, also possesses a passion to see art come to life in a 3D setting. Dedicated, creative, self-starter, with a desire for continued growth as an artist and professional in this field. Seeks professional opportunities, both full-time and contractual, in 3D design.
- 3D Character, environment and prop creation - Texturing, unwrapping, and baking - Digital sculpting, lowpoly, hard surface and organic modeling - 3D content optimization for real-time game engines - PBR texturing and materials - Photorealistic rendering - Rigging for animation - 3D character and mechanical animation - Compositing - Photo-manipulation - Motion capture - 3D Printing - Maya - 3ds Max - Motionbuilder - Zbrush - Photoshop - After Effects - xNormal - Marmoset Toolbag -Substance Painter - FaceFX - Unity - Unreal -
- Willingness and capacity to learn new software and techniques as needed -

WisEngineering, Senior 3D Artist/Associate Creative Producer
September 2019 - August 2021 (Denville, New Jersey)
In addition to 3d asset development for VR and real-time game engine experiences, 3D printing, prop design and mixed reality set construction duties, also the acting associate creative producer. Additional responsibilities include:

● Supporting the art team with day-to-day activities.

● Assessing bandwidth and managing priorities for a team of 3D artists.

● Researching and implementation of process improvements in task tracking.

● Assist in internal peer, management and external shareholder communication, project scheduling and providing project status updates.

● Liaise with multiple departments including acting as a subject matter expert to assist business development efforts in finding and responding to proposals for government contracting work.

● Ensuring work meets project deadlines, while upholding creative vision and high quality standards.

WisEngineering, Senior Environment Artist/Production Designer
September 2019 - August 2021 (Denville, New Jersey)
In addition to other duties, oversees all aspects of 3D print design and 3D printer operation for rapid prototyping and immersive XR/VR experiences. Responsible for design and fabrication of immersive reality props and sets. Also conducting market research and brainstorming ways to enter the company into the additive manufacturing space.
● Designed, outlined, and estimated a digital art portion of a curriculum intended to teach economically disadvantaged high school students 3d game development using Unreal Engine 4 and other digital art software packages.

WisEngineering, 3D Asset and Animation Developer
March 2015 - September 2019 (Denville, New Jersey)
Work as part of an inter-disciplinary team creating 3D assets for training and research based military simulators and videos in the Unreal and Unity game engines. Duties include:
● Low poly modeling and sculpting high poly game assets, characters, vehicles, machinery and environments, retopology, unwrapping, baking various high detail maps (ambient occlusion, normal, vertex color, etc.), texturing, PBR shader creation, integrating and testing assets, and level design. 
● Asset and scene lighting optimization for virtual reality in the Unity and Unreal game engines.
● 3D Printing design and operation for rapid prototyping and mixed reality VR experiences. Responsible for design, construction, and painting of mixed reality and convention sets.  
● Motion capture direction and shot list creation for Vicon and Xsens systems as well as technical understanding of their capabilities. Exporting of mocap data from Vicon and into Motionbuilder for clean up for pre-rendered and real-time animation.
● Also create high quality animated instructional videos for government contracting. Day-to-day duties include modeling, texturing and rigging of organic and hard surface characters, creating and cleaning motion capture data, keyed character animation, creating motion graphic and graphic design assets, lip sync animation, rendering and compositing.
● Additional responsibilities include digital art project estimates, ensuring projects meet their scheduled deadlines, incorporating client and project lead feedback, while working towards maintaining a high quality standard for each project.

January 2016 - Present (Madison, New Jersey)
● I teach various advanced 3D content creation courses such as character animation, PBR game model texturing, environment design, game design, and digital sculpting in Zbrush. As well as teaching the technical aspects of the software, I emphasize the importance of thinking creatively and using a proactive problem solving approach in preparation for an occupation in the artistically and technically challenging field of 3d computer art.
● Developed the JonYoung3d Learning Resource ( ) which is a supplemental repository of tutorials, tips, and tricks to steer students towards finding additional material pertinent to the classes I’m teaching. It also is a centralized place where students can access and read the course syllabus, project briefs, and to see upcoming lecture topics with relevant tutorials linked for additional learning.

County College Of Morris, Adjunct Professor
January 2016 - January 2017 (Randolph, New Jersey)
● I taught an introductory 3DS Max course that introduced students to industry standard software and techniques relating to computer animation and 3D content creation. Adobe Photoshop and After Effects were taught in conjunction to further round out the understanding of a digital art production pipeline.

January 2015 - January 2016 (Newton, New Jersey)
● I taught a introductory 3D character animation course. Utilizing 3DS Max, I emphasized traditional animation techniques, and how these techniques apply in sophisticated computer software to create believable movement of 3D inanimate objects, characters, and interactivity between the two. 

● I also taught a 3D character modeling course that walked through a current generation character creation pipeline, from conceptualization to the finished character. I emphasized cutting edge modeling techniques that included digital sculpture in Zbrush, baking, low poly retopology as well as portfolio presentation best practices using Adobe Photoshop.

January 2014 - January 2016 (Madison, New Jersey) 
● I tutored students one on one in a variety of digital art software such as 3ds Max, Zbrush, After Effects, and Photoshop.
● Animation courses students were tutored for included: 3D Product and Logo Animation, Zbrush Digital Sculpting, Motion Graphics with After Effects, Creative Imagery with Photoshop, and Senior Thesis I & II.

Freelance 3D Artist, Freelance 3D/Digital Media Artist
January 2013 - Present (Hackettstown, New Jersey)
● I do a range of digital media work freelance - websites, graphic design, video editing, 3D visualization and animation, as well as 3D printing, rapid prototyping and prop fabrication. 

February 2012 - January 2013 (Summit, New Jersey)
● Worked as part of a team creating low-poly models and textures for use in an Ipad medical simulator app in the Unity 3d game engine.

● Worked with the lead animator to create high quality 3D medical product animations highlighting the use of each product in it's respective surgical procedure while working within tight deadlines.

● Day to day duties included animating, modeling, texturing, rigging, lighting, and rendering of organic and hard surface 3D assets. Additional responsibilities included helping with the creation of storyboards and pre-visualization animatics, as well as compositing, editing, and adding motion graphic elements to finished 3D renderings.

June 2011 - August 2011 (Summit, New Jersey)
● Worked under the guidance of senior animators on medical product animations. Responsibilities included creating 3D assets that met the same high standard of quality.

● Assisted graphic designers in patient photo-retouching for an interactive Ipad medical product app.

2018 - Present (Madison, New Jersey)
I am actively pursuing my Master of Fine Art degree in Video Game Development through their program.
2009 - 2011 (Madison, New Jersey)
Bachelor of Art in Film and Animation
GPA: 3.7
2007 - 2009 (Randolph, New Jersey)
Digital Media Technology, Associate of Applied Science
GPA: 3.5

Other Skills and hobbies

- PC and console video gaming - Game design and game art challenges - Card games, board gaming and miniature painting - Acting and set construction for theater - Stage combat and fight choreography - Martial Arts - Airsoft and other Live Action Roleplaying events - Owner of two 3D printers, a Zortrax M200 and Raise3D N2+ - Prop fabrication for cosplay and conventions - Fan of Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasy novels, television, and movies - Collaborating on and editing original short films and fan films - Student Pilot Certification -