I created this environment in Unreal Engine 4 for the HTC Vive as a mixed reality technology demo for a training and simulation convention. The theme was an active shooter scenario in a NYC-like urban environment. I was responsible for the level design, lighting and set dressing utilizing assets available on the Unreal Marketplace. I also modeled and textured the mixed reality set pieces to ensure they matched 1:1 with their real world counterparts. 
As a mixed reality demo, the player would use a electric airsoft M4 as the controller. The trigger was wired to the electrical contacts within the airsoft gun, and an Arduino housed in a 3d printed mock scope, that would receive the trigger pull and register as a fire in the game engine. I prototyped and 3D printed the scope attachment that housed the Arduino and other electrical components. I also designed and 3D printed the HTC Vive controller holder that attached to the foregrip's picatinny rail that served as the tracker of the airsoft gun controller. I adjusted an existing M4 model we had to more closely resemble the silhouette of the airsoft gun, as well as added the 3D print models to add more immersion to the mixed reality demo.
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