My senior thesis animation - the beginning of an invasion of planet Earth. This was done as a homage to some of my favorite sci-fi films. When I wasn't swinging toy swords around as a kid, I was playing with Star Wars toys.

I created this animation primarily with 3ds Max and Photoshop with other visual effects added in with the use of After Effects.

Below is a character bio I came up for the Composer and what I tried to explore throughout the animation. I storyboarded and intended to make a much longer animation, one that continued into the actual battle for Earth. I had gotten as far as making a new character, the Earth side space ships, and a Earth space-fighter cockpit before I ran out of time and it was time to hand in the project... it was great fun though, and I immensely enjoyed working on it. May pick it up again at some point, but have a few personal challenges on the horizon I'd like to explore first.
Character Bio

  The Composer is the admiral of a space fleet. He has attained the highest rank and oversees his fleet from the bridge of his hulking command ship.  The Composer is fused with the rest of the ship in a symbiotic relationship. When he is interfaced into the ship's systems via an apparatus that connects to his spinal cord and brain, the ship's energy source flows through him and he is able to give direct and instantaneous orders to the rest of his fleet just by the wave of his hands. This way he can orchestrate a perfect attack with all ships moving in unison and with impeccable timing. This also allows him to forcibly give orders to the fleet's fighters and battleships with zero chance for them to disobey.

     The Composer is part of a technological advanced race that was forced into conquest through the depletion of natural resources on their home planet. Over several centuries his race has become increasingly space-faring, invading alien planets for resources. Through their use of technology they are brutally effective that destroying any resistance in their way to prolong their race's existence.
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