I'm creating a real life T-51b Power Armor helmet prop from the Fallout video game series. This is still a work in progress. 
I used photogrammetry to get a rough estimate of a digital scan of myself. I fixed the scan in Zbrush and imported the mesh into 3DS Max. I then started recreating the armor to be 3d printable using the game mesh for reference and to inform me on proportions. 
I had to split the helmet into 12 different prints as the build volume on the Zortrax M200 is only 8x8x8 inches. Each print took roughly 15 hours for a total print time of approximately 180 hours.
The first helmet I printed turned out to be a little too big for myself so I printed a smaller version. With the prints finished I began smoothing the helmets by adding bondo spot filler and filler primer then sanding away the excess.
While I continue to sand and fill the helmet, I've moved onto modeling the upper body armor and am preparing it for 3d printing.
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