I made this Sith Sorcerer costume to dress up in for New York Comic Con. I used a enemy type from the video game "Of Orcs and Men" and concept art from "Force Unleashed" as my main sources of inspiration.
I ripped the character's mask from "Of Orcs and Men" to use as a starting point.
I made some tweaks to it to be able to bring it into Pepakura designer to create a paper version. I re-assembled the paper version by printing it out on card stock and gluing it together.
After the mask was glued together I used an epoxy resin to harden the paper.
I then used Bondo autobody filler to give the mask thickness and strength. I used a electronic sander to smoother this down. I also used fiberglass with a resin backing for adding stability for the mask.
I intentionally left the bondo unfinished in some parts so it would give the appearance of bone. I used acrylic washes and wood stain to paint it,
Used plastidip rubber sealer on the inside of the mask to put a barrier between my face and the fiberglass. I also cut some padding and fitting a airsoft mask harness to make it wearable.
I repeated the same steps for the shoulder and forearm armor.
I used toothpaste in select spots on the armor. When spray painting over tooth paste the paint (oil based) doesn't mix with the toothpaste (water based). I was able to just wash off the toothpaste and it leaves a damage and paint chipped look.
I used chalk to outline the pattern and many layers fabric paint to create the red designs.
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